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Source: c/o Katia Francesconi Foundation

Exclusive: Katia Francesconi Started the Katia Francesconi Foundation to Create Better Opportunities for Impoverished Children to Thrive

Feb. 5 2024, Published 5:10 p.m. ET

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Katia Francesconi grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, and always knew that education was a priority for her. After seeing many impoverished children on the streets of her hometown, she felt it was her mission to make a difference through education.

After graduating, Francesconi saved up money and traveled from South America to America to work on her English skills, and being in the U.S. only gave her more opportunities, which is what led her to create The Katia Francesconi Foundation.

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"I founded the Katia Francesconi Foundation with a deep conviction to make a positive impact on the lives of children in Brazil. After moving to the U.S. for my studies and building a prosperous life, I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to contribute to my home country. During a visit to Brazil, I witnessed millions of children facing malnutrition, extreme poverty and lacking shelter, which really moved me. It was then that I felt a compelling need to take action, leading to the establishment of the Katia Francesconi Foundation," the entrepreneur exclusively tells Morning Honey.

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Source: c/o Katia Francesconi Foundation

Katia Francesconi made it her mission to help impoverished children.

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"Addressing the plight of children in Brazil through the Katia Francesconi Foundation is crucial to me because it goes beyond mere philanthropy — it's a personal responsibility. Witnessing the harsh realities of malnourished children, extreme poverty and lack of basic necessities during my visits to Brazil struck a chord within me. I believe that every child deserves a chance at a better future, and by taking action through the foundation, I am committed to making a tangible difference in their lives. It's not just charity; it's about creating meaningful opportunities and contributing to the well-being of the next generation in my homeland," she continues. "I also began to realize the impact of each dollar in Brazil is easily 10x what I was able to achieve with philanthropy in America. One dollar per week, per child in Brazil is a game changer for these children and restores hope for their future."

The idea of founding the Katia Francesconi Foundation came to her while she was in Beverly Hills, Calif., and living in an environment "where I encountered numerous individuals engaged in philanthropy and charitable work inspired me profoundly," she recalls. "The culture of philanthropy in the U.S., deeply rooted in the American spirit of helping others, resonated with me. Observing the positive impact of such efforts, I realized the potential to channel this spirit into addressing the pressing issues faced by children in Brazil. This realization fueled my determination to establish the foundation and contribute to creating positive change."

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Francesconi grew up near one of the largest slums in her hometown in Brazil, "a moving experience" she'll never forget.

"Witnessing impoverished children on the streets, alongside my own access to school, a secure home, and ample food, was profoundly impactful. In my youth, it was challenging because I felt a strong desire to help but didn't initially know how. The harsh reality is that children from these slums often find themselves drawn into drugs or gangs as a means of survival, contributing to the larger issue of crime in Brazil. This unsafe environment motivated me to establish the Katia Francesconi Foundation, aiming to provide these children with a chance at a better life and a different, more positive path," she explains.

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Source: c/o Katia Francesconi Foundation

Katia Francesconi said starting the foundation has given her a 'profound sense of purpose in life.'

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Not only has Francesconi given back to others, but starting the foundation gave her a "profound sense of purpose in life."

"The longer I'm immersed in this work, the more I realize it is my true path. Not having children of my own, creating 'KATIA's Kids Program' has allowed me to be a mother in another way — to many children. I hope to see this 'family' continue to grow and make a lasting impact," she shares. "It was incredibly rewarding during my latest trip to Casa do Rio in the Amazon. Over the past seven years, being involved with this project has become dear to my heart. Meeting again with young adults that were once kids, they came to me to tell me how much their lives have been improved and changed because of my help. Witnessing the positive changes over time reaffirms the significance of our ongoing commitment to making a difference in their lives."

Additionally, she created "Katia's Kids" to help connect with kids "based on the recognition of three crucial pillars that I believe are essential for providing a better future for these children. The program focuses on education, promoting healthy eating habits, and fostering a lifestyle of well-being. It incorporates elements such as yoga, meditation, and ecology, aiming to enrich their lives holistically and equip them with valuable tools for the future," she says.

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Source: c/o Katia Francesconi Foundation

Katia Francesconi has bonded with all the children she interacts with.

Going forward, Francesconi hopes to continue expanding and developing additional projects in Brazil through the foundation.

"My ultimate dream is to meet numerous adults who have prospered and achieved a decent life, all attributed to the support and assistance provided by the foundation. The goal is to leave a lasting, positive impact on the lives of many individuals in need. However, my most ambitious goal is to contribute to bringing an end to the challenging living conditions children face in the slums, ensuring they no longer endure a life without dignity. It's a substantial undertaking, but the desire to make a significant, positive change in their lives drives the foundation's commitment to this transformative vision," she notes.

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"The best part of my job is undeniably receiving all the hugs and kisses from the children during my visits. It's not only heartwarming but also personally fulfilling. I strongly believe that as a giver, I receive so much more in return, fostering happiness and a deep appreciation for life every day. I'm grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on so many lives. On the flip side, the most challenging aspect is being on the grounds with the children, witnessing their struggles — lack of food, inadequate sanitation, improper shelter, and, at times, the absence of parents. The children hug me tightly, craving love, and these moments are a stark reminder of the harsh realities they face. Despite the challenges, it fuels my determination to make a difference," she continues.

Ultimately, Francesconi feels like she's changed for the better, and the work brings her so much joy.

"While I've always been a happy person, the ability to contribute through the foundation has made me more resilient in facing my own challenges. On days when things may not be going well, shifting my focus to the projects and witnessing the impact creates a profound sense of gratitude, reinforcing the transformative power of giving back," she says.

She concludes: "My hope is to inspire others to listen to what speaks to their hearts and take action to help others. I believe that if everyone understood the profound happiness that comes from giving, we would witness a much larger and more impactful giving circle. It's about discovering that connection and making a difference in a way that resonates with each individual."

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Source: c/o Katia Francesconi Foundation

Katia Francesconi hopes to keep expanding the foundation.

For more information, visit: katiafrancesconifoundation.org.


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